Who We Are

DREXEL Oil Field Equipment is a subsidiary of Sky CTS Group. DREXEL is one of the largest organizations in the Oil & Gas and Industrial sector fields. DREXEL provides Quality Products and Services to the Egyptian Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers and Energy Sectors since 1976.

We supply the market with the latest and advanced services using our competent manpower, advanced equipment and base facilities (Including its Amreya Free Zone) in addition to the full support from our international principals’ solutions worldwide, both on and offshore.



Sky Investments, the parent company of Drexel Oilfield Equipment, was established in 1997 by the Hussein family with a paid capital of over EGP 300 million. Since its founding Sky has been developing businesses in diverse sectors including energy, distribution &logistics and real estate.

Sky Investments and Drexel Oilfield Equipment have a strong and stable financial foundation based on a diverse portfolio of investments and operations.

Crude Oil 2002 - 2016

Financial Highlights

During the past decade, Drexel fully participated in the strong macroeconomic growth that coincided with peak oil prices, achieving revenues of over 60 Million USD in 2008.

While revenues have come under some pressures specific to Egypt in recent years, it is noteworthy that the company has actually maintained its curve against key macro indicators. Despite the headwinds of the Arab Spring in Egypt and across the MENA region….

Drexel Building

Organization Chart



Drexel Oilfield has provides services in Egypt, Kuwait,

Iraq and Cyprus, with the major Oil & Gas bodies in these countries.