• Subsea Fluids

    Castrol Offshore is a specialist organization providing lubricants and lubrication services to the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production industry.

    The combination of Castrol Offshore’s specialist knowledge, technology team’s technical advisors, together with Drexel extensive resources in Egypt, means that we can supply you with products and services that meet your needs as well as the highest levels of subsea production system reliability and environmental performance under a wide range of operating conditions

    For more on Castrol Offshore’s products and technical capabilities, please visit www.castroloffshore.com

  • Additives

    OilFlux™ additives significantly improve the flow of crude oil mass. They function as a drag-reducing agent in crude oil extraction and pipeline transportation. They also remove and prevent buildup of paraffin wax as well as inhibit asphaltenes and corrosion. These additive products separate water from the crude oil and water emulsion to recover the crude oil and eliminate incrustations and bacteria. Additionally, Oilflux additive products prevent foam accumulation, decrease sulfhidric acid, clean up crude oil spills and, above all, increase fuel oil performance.

    Our additives introduce new chemical compounds which significantly reduce the required dosages leading to more economical processes in operations ranging from crude oil production, flow lines, pump stations, separators, exchangers, fuel burners, slop, waste pits, desalination, distillation heads, storage tanks, pipelines and refineries.

    Intertek Company guarantees the quality and safety of OilFlux™ additive products. For more information, please visit http://www.oilfluxamericas.com/ 

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    Sample Lab Technical Report


    Performance BFO Additive for Fuel Oil

    Antifoaming additive

    SCA Corrosion Inhibitor

    Bactericide Additive Chemical

  • Monoethylene Glycol and Methanol

    Drexel provides industrial chemicals including monoethylene glycol (MEG) and methanol complete with data sheets and required safe handling.