• Pressure Control Equipment

    We offer On & Offshore Oil & Gas Pressure Control equipment, including Valves, Wellheads, Controls and Chokes provided by OneSubsea (formerly Cameron),  the world’s leading provider of systems to control pressure and direct flows in onshore, offshore and subsea application.

    Drexel has represented the following Cameron/OneSubsea divisions throughout the years:

    Cameron Surface& Cameron Subsea: Cameron/OneSubea is the wellhead and X-mas tree expert that helps continuously raise performance through their proven technical expertise, comprehensive solutions and global manufacturing and service network. Together, Drexel and Cameron have had groundbreaking achievements including developing the first subsea fields in Egyptian waters.  For more details on such accomplishments, please see References/Work history

    Cameron Drilling provides surface and subsea pressure control equipment, BOP Control Systems including BOP control applications and Drilling control systems among others.

    Cameron Process Systems offers onshore and offshore gas processing and treatment, oil treatment, produced water treatment, seawater/raw water treatment as well as solids separation and handling.

    For more on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, please visit Cameron at