Confined Space Rescue & Rope Access 
Solution Services

  • Confined Space Entry / Standby Rescue Services.
    • Rescue teams to retrieve, package, remove, and transfer any personnel injured or incapable of making a self rescue during hull entry / confined space procedures.
    • These rescue services comply with confined space entry guidelines noted in:

Supplied Rescue service

Fire Services products

  • Specialized and highly certified rescue teams.
  • Ventilation of confined space.
  • Ambient air testing – LEL, O2 , CO, H2S.
  • Secondary fall arrest systems
  • Suppling all the required SCBA and cascade systems.
  • Site safety personnel
  • Entry attendants
  • Refurbishment services at heights (Sand Blasting, Painting and Welding)
  • Painting and  Welding Inspection
  • Safety harnesses.
  • Tripod Retrieve systems.
  • Rescue stretchers
  • Rope access and rescue equipment.
  • First aid kits.
  • Ventilation fans.
  • Low voltage lightings.
  • communication device
  • Multigas portable detectors.