Gas Detection Solution Services

  • Gas detection products and services for:
    • Oil and gas drilling rigs and production facilities.
    • Refining and petrochemical plants.
    • Heavy process manufacturing companies. 
  • Trained and qualified instrument technicians perform inspection, service, and repair of portable equipment to manufacturer specifications.

Gas Detection Services

Air Solution product

  • System engineering and design
  • Installation and inspections
  • Service and calibration
  • Calibration adjustments/bump test
  • Sensor/parts replacement, as needed
  • Board level repairs.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Equipment rental during repair
  • Single gas monitors
  • Multi gas monitors
  • Photo ionization detectors (PIDs)
  • Flame ionization detectors (FIDs)
  • Benzene monitors
  • Sound level meters/noise dosimeters
  • Heat stress monitors
  • Heat stress monitors

Air System Solution Services

  • Industry-leading selection of respiratory systems and breathing air services for:
  • Refining and petrochemical plants.
  • Industrial companies.
  • Oil and gas drilling rigs and production facilities.

Supplied air service

Air Solution product

Service and repair of equipment.

Posi Check –  flow test.

Cleaning of equipment.

Inspection services (monthly and annually)

Hydrostatic testing of cylinders Fit testing.

Permanently fixed breathing air system maintenance.

Supplied air hose inspections.

Service and repair of cascade systems.

Service and repair of air carts.

Mask cleaning.

Self-contained breathing apparatus             

SCBA 15, 30 and 60 min

Supplied airline equipment.

Emergency egress units.

Cartridge respirators full and a half.  

Powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs)

Complete confined space entry packages.

Breathing air cascade systems.

High pressure breathing air systems.

Two bottle air carts.

Low pressure and high pressure supplied.  

air hose.


Confined Space Rescue & Rope Access 
Solution Services

  • Confined Space Entry / Standby Rescue Services.
    • Rescue teams to retrieve, package, remove, and transfer any personnel injured or incapable of making a self rescue during hull entry / confined space procedures.
    • These rescue services comply with confined space entry guidelines noted in:

Supplied Rescue service

Fire Services products

  • Specialized and highly certified rescue teams.
  • Ventilation of confined space.
  • Ambient air testing – LEL, O2 , CO, H2S.
  • Secondary fall arrest systems
  • Suppling all the required SCBA and cascade systems.
  • Site safety personnel
  • Entry attendants
  • Refurbishment services at heights (Sand Blasting, Painting and Welding)
  • Painting and  Welding Inspection
  • Safety harnesses.
  • Tripod Retrieve systems.
  • Rescue stretchers
  • Rope access and rescue equipment.
  • First aid kits.
  • Ventilation fans.
  • Low voltage lightings.
  • communication device
  • Multigas portable detectors.

Fire Protection Solution Services

  • Full offering of designing, inspection, maintenance, repair, testing, and certification of fire protection equipment and systems for industrial, marine and offshore environments.
  •   Capability to survey potentially hazardous environments and design, fabricate, install, and maintain best-suited systems.

Supplied fire protection service

Fire services products

  • Fire protection and detection system design and engineering.
  • Fire extinguishing and suppression system services and inspection.
  • Fire protection training.
  • Fire protection audits.
  • Recharge, reconditioning, and repair Services.
  • Performance and Flow tests
  • Fixed fire extinguishing systems CO2, FM200.
  • Water based fire suppression systems and equipment.
  • Sprinkler systems, deluge systems, and preauction systems.
  • Fire pumps, hydrants, loops and mains, hose cabinets, hoses, and nozzles.
  • Fire water monitors and master stream appliances.
  • Water storage tanks.
  • Fire alarm and detection systems.
  • Kitchen hood systems.
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