• PDC Bits

    The four lines of PDC Drill bits offered by Drexel, ranging from aggressive to directional bits are made in USA. PDC Logic has a bit that has been field tested to meet clients’ needs.

    PLD: The Direct Trac series of bits from PDC Logic are designed to generate a consistent torque response in order to enhance toolface control in directional environments. The layout, features, and cutters are customized to provide drill bit solutions tailored to be responsive in directional applications.

    PLS: The PLs – Stretch Tech series are designed to improve ROP and Footage. The layout, features, and cutters are customized to provide drill bit solutions tailored to maximize performance for specific applications.

    PLT: The PLt Tough Set series is designed to improve durability in difficult drilling environments. The layout, features, and cutters are customized to provide drill bit solutions tailored to be rugged enough to perform well in difficult applications.

    PL: This series of drill bits has been designed over years of real world application to meet the needs of many facets of drilling operations. The cone angle and profile are designed for success in both vertical and directional applications. The cutter layout of the PL Series is designed to be both aggressive and durable with a backrake to blade curvature relationship that creates a smooth transition in torque from blade center to outer edge.

    For more information , please visit: http://pdclogic.com/                

  • Well Construction

    With a strong focus on “engineered” solutions, Geopro provides the industry with cutting-edge customizable technology products for well construction. Drexel is authorized to sell the following products in Egypt:    

    a. GeoAgitator Systems

    Geopro’s GeoAgitator systems are highly versatile and robust hydraulically actuated oscillation units. The system uses a 1:2 motor power section configured to create mini oscillations in the drill string and improve sliding or tripping loads. Additionally, the system can reduce torque losses due to friction, as the oscillations reduce the length of drill string touching the formation in deviated wells.

    b. Sacrificial Motors

    Geopro provides two distinct ranges of motors and a range of high-performance turbo drills (turbines) with integrated diamond impregnated bits specially matched to the drive system. The easy-to-use sacrificial motor makes final string installation simple. While the motor requires the same power output, OD and connections as a standard serviceable motor, it can provide up to 100 hours of in-well operating use. The G-Force Pro range of high-performance, thin-wall motors has consistently achieved record-breaking performance.

    c. GeoGlider Centralizers

    GeoGlider centralizers are a wholly Geopro solution with a standard design. GeoGliders are suitable for all well types and can be manufactured using different types of materials depending on the objectives for a well.  GeoGliders, GeoGlider Pros, GeoGliderLites and GeoGlider HDs are all designed for extensive reaming applications.


    Our MRS™  motorized casing reamer shoe system is arguably the most powerful hydraulically actuated casing reaming solution in the market and generates torque in excess of 4 times the closest rival making it capable and suitable for casing while drilling operations.

    The MRS™ can be provided as a standard system (with nose/casing bit rotation only) or as a PRO version (with the entire body of the tool rotating). In the standard version, the rotor is allowed to rotate with circulation respective to the stator conventionally. In the PRO version- which is designed for longer reach horizontal wells where the weight of the tool could lead to excessive drag, string hangup or buckling and rotating the tool reduces the likelihood of that occurring- the stator is rotated in preference to the rotor which is static.

    e. Fluid Additives:

    I. GeoBlitz is a proprietary blend of sealants and bridging agents used as a pioneering solution for the first response to lost circulation. GeoBlitzis pre-measured and packaged to remove the guesswork from the formulation of initial responses lost circulation material pills.

    II. GeoSqueeze is a new millennium product, designed to offer effective sealing action to fractured formations, jugular formations, and severely depleted sand zones. GeoSqueeze effectively increases the integrity of formations and improves casing seat pressure test values.

    For more information, visit http://geoprotech.com/.       



  • Mud Cooling Systems

    The DCS Mud Cooler Systems are highly efficient, economical devices used in the geothermal and oil and gas drilling industry for the control of drilling fluid temperatures. Using water and air to cool the drilling fluid at the surface, these GEO-COOLERS provide three to six times the cooling efficiency over conventional air coolers. These versatile systems have been in operation since 1979 with proven success throughout various domestic and international well fields. The unique design of these GEO-COOLERS makes it the choice of the geothermal and oil and gas industry. For more information on DCS, please visit www.drillcool.com