Gas Detection Solution Services

  • Gas detection products and services for:
    • Oil and gas drilling rigs and production facilities.
    • Refining and petrochemical plants.
    • Heavy process manufacturing companies. 
  • Trained and qualified instrument technicians perform inspection, service, and repair of portable equipment to manufacturer specifications.

Gas Detection Services

Air Solution product

  • System engineering and design
  • Installation and inspections
  • Service and calibration
  • Calibration adjustments/bump test
  • Sensor/parts replacement, as needed
  • Board level repairs.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Equipment rental during repair
  • Single gas monitors
  • Multi gas monitors
  • Photo ionization detectors (PIDs)
  • Flame ionization detectors (FIDs)
  • Benzene monitors
  • Sound level meters/noise dosimeters
  • Heat stress monitors
  • Heat stress monitors