Company Representation & Regional Marketing

Drexel Oilfield Equipment represents principals from all over the world in the Egyptian market to allow these principals to establish a presence and cater to demands for their products and services. Drexel helps service providers build solid foundations by establishing an initial link with the EGPC or EGAS.

After government registration, Drexel works to constantly develop and maintain relationships with all potential customers’ management teams to ensure a broad contact network. Supported by its business development and technical sales teams, Drexel seeks to expand market potential and its market share of principal industry lines. Having worked for years with regional customers and studied their work scope and patterns closely, Drexel has found niches for both basic and specialty products.

Project Management

Drexel provides comprehensive project management services that include planning, logistics, safety management, invoice and cash management, reporting, project assessment and lessons learned.

Drexel’s organizational structure has been formulated to facilitate adaptability to customers’ and principals’ specific needs.

Logistical Services and Freezone Facilities

Drexel Oilfield Equipment has established excellent relationships with governmental and freezone authorities associated with logistical procedures. The company is considered one of the top providers of this type of service in terms of flexibility, quantity of transactions and record-keeping accuracy.

Drexel has three large freezone facilities fully equipped for quick and easy clearance and storage. The facilities include an inventory management system, workshops, office areas, and indoor, outdoor and temperature-controlled storage areas.

Freight and Clearance

Drexel is fully connected with regards to high quality freight forwarding capabilities to support safe and timely delivery of air or sea freight consignments. The company also has specialized experience in customs clearance and customs declarations for individual air and sea freight consignments as well as chartered flights and vessels.

Transportation and Handling
Drexel provides all heavy lifting and transportation to and from storage areas and customer sites. The company also guarantees insurance coverage for all incoming and outgoing shipments and has experience working with all of Egypt’s major air and sea ports. 

Port Services

Drexel has the ability to provide a full range of port services including container operations, clearance, storage and warehousing, provision of supply, utility, and tug boats, towing and offshore logistics for fresh water and gas oil.  Drexel can also manage offshore rig moves and assistance in oilfield construction with anchor handling tugs.


Drexel offers to provide or obtain any services or materials (asset or consumable) required from the local or international market with optimum specifications, prices and delivery terms.

Office Facilities

Drexel offers fully equipped office facilities upon request at various locations, including Cairo, Alexandria and Ras Shukheir. Whether for individual employees acting as local liaisons or for a full office staff, Drexel can provide a tailored office complete with legal and administrative support as required.

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Personnel Services

Drexel can cover principals’ full recruitment needs including those for technical and non-technical personnel. We are also capable of managing all legal and administrative human resource needs including social insurance and the like.

Systems and Procedures

Drexel uses a sophisticated management information system to ensure accuracy and efficiency in all our records and reporting. Reports are reliably and consistently generated on a regular basis to support clear communication channels between all involved parties.

Systems: Drexel’s IT team has customized an information system to suit our specific needs,  and we offer the same service to other companies requiring similar systems. Drexel offers a tailored software package complete with technical support to suit recording and reporting needs.

Procedures:  At the start of any new project or contract, intended procedures are often hazy and potential errors are a concern. Drexel offers to establish comprehensive procedures to fit every task. Having held several long-term contracts and successfully completed major projects in Egypt, Drexel has the valuable experience and insights necessary to make logistics and other work processes run as efficiently as possible.