Drexel’s Historic Business Partners and Historical Success Stories

Drexel is proud to have played very significant roles in the success and development of our significant business partners, namely Baker Oil Tools (BOT), National Oil Well Varco (NOV) and Aggreko, in the Egyptian market…

NOV (Reedhycalog)

NOV’s Reedhycalog provides stability-enhancing PDC bits, ultra-durable PDC cutters, rotary steerable bit designs, roller cones and fixed cutter drilling bits.

In more than 40 years since Reedhycalog’s establishment in 1977, Drexel Oilfield Equipment represented the company,  supporting it in penetrating the Egyptian market with revenues increasing exponentially.

Drexel handled the company’s first registration with the EGPC and all subsequent registrations with its customers. Reedhycalog was originally acquired by Camco, followed by Schlumberger, Grant Prideco and finally National Oilwell Varco (NOV) in 2008.  Through all these acquisitions Drexel was Reedhycalog’s representative, managing all tenders, inquiries, contracts, invoicing, receivables tracking and collections.  Drexel also provided a top-quality free zone warehousing services meeting all HSE standards and requirements as well as logistics services, inventory management, customs clearance and delivery to customer sites. Optimizing these services gave NOV’s Reedhycalog the competitive edge it needed to excel in the Egyptian market and establish its presence.

We are proud to have been part of Reedhycalog/NOV’s development and growth throughout its journey in Egypt.

. . .

Baker Oil Tools (BOT) Formerly A Baker Hughes Company (Currently a GE Company)

From 1998 to 2008, Baker Oil Tools (BOT) was the most well-known provider of down-hole tools and process facility equipment. During those years, Drexel represented the company in Egypt. Since then, BOT has been incorporated into Baker Hughes and then acquired by EG.

Drexel has provided a full array of representation and support services to Baker in the Egyptian market, and we are pleased to have played a significant role in BOT’s regional expansion.

. . .


Aggreko International Power Projects Limited provides turnkey power solutions including multi-megawatt power packages with full project planning, installation, commissioning and operating services supported by 24-hour onsite service and maintenance.

From 2000 to2012, Drexel represented Aggreko in Egypt. With the world’s largest containerized fleet, Aggreko has the capacity to respond to all planned and unplanned emergency power needs and was able to meet these needs in Egypt with the support of Drexel’s strong logistics capabilities and knowledge.

Aggreko has an unequalled reputation in the industry for delivering reliable and timely solutions to meet customers’ power needs, and Drexel strove to protect this reputation in every job, including a two-year running contract with Gupco and the first subsea field development project in Egypt,  Scarab Saffron. For Scarab Saffron, where Aggreko synchronized the supply of three 1MW diesel-powered generators to provide3 MW and connected to the main distribution board providing all power to the Scarab Saffron Project. Power was continuously provided for three months. Through Drexel, Aggreko also provided 5MW of load bank equipment to enable proof testing of the Alstrom turbines prior to their replacement with the generators. All equipment was provided on rental basis as part of a turnkey operation. The equipment arrived in Egypt on chartered flights and was cleared through customs and delivered to the site by Drexel in less than 12 hours.