Cameron X mas tree

West Delta Deepwater Development: Scarab Saffron

The first phase of Burullus Gas Company’s West Delta Deepwater Field Development work spanned the duration of approximately 22 months and included 8 offshore wells. For the entire phase of the project, which is currently considered to be Egypt’s leaving Natural Gas Exploration Work, Drexel provided overall project management and procedures including invoice/cash management, complete logistics and personnel management.

Drexel’s logistical work scope encompassed the arrangement of Air and Sea Freight from various points of origin as well as Clearance and transportation of these consignments (332 shipments in total). This included 8 x Subsea X-mas Trees four of which arrived by sea and the remainder of chartered flights. Each of 4 chartered Antonoffs carrying X-mas trees, umbilical reels and associated equipment was cleared in less than 12 hours. The average clearance time for airfreight shipments under this contract was 24 hours with an average of 48 hour for seafreight shipments.

In addition, Drexel also managed and arranged for procurement of materials and chemicals required on an urgent basis as well as the outsourcing of local services such as inspection, certification and the like. Drexel’s dedicated Warehouse/Storage Facility was also used as the logistics base for this project. Through the use of its fully automated inventory control system and decentralized links, Drexel exercised full inventory control, tracking, documentation and reporting.

For Phase II and III, Simian Sienna and Sapphire included 16 wells and was undertaken by Technip Offshore UK (TOUK). Drexel again was assigned the provision of the logistical support system including warehousing, shipping, transportation and other related services for the entire duration of the project.

Following Drexel’s success in these phases, the project and logistics management scopes for WDDM Phase IV was also assigned to be handled by Drexel followed by Rashpetco’s Rosetta III covering five wells.

In the extension of the above projects, Drexel was also involved in Burullus Gas Company’s Sequoia covering 6 wells which tie in with the Simian field. This was later followed by WDDM Phase VIII A and B covering 3 wells and 10 wells respectively and lastly Phase 9A with 8 wells.

Gupco/BP’s Taurt is another of Drexel’s major projects in the area of Subsea Field Development. Taurt Field Covered 4 wells where both X-mas trees and associated control equipment were all shipped, cleared and delivery under Drexel’s work scope.  Taurt II operated by the Pharonic Petroleum Company (PhPC) covered 3 wells and was also completed under Drexel’s work scope. These phases were later followed by Taurt Workovers, BP Shallow Kattameya, East Nile  Delta III (END III) with 3 wells and finally Attol with an additional 3 wells. 

Union Fenosa Damietta LNG Construction (DLC)

The Union Fenosa Damietta LNG Project has also been one of the region’s largest LNG producers and ex-porters. Drexel’s role in the earlier phases of this project while setting the foundation for work to come, included Clearance and delivery of urgent Air and Sea Freight consignments as well as clearance of chartered vessels. The average clearance time for airfreight consignments on this contract was 24 hours while the average for sea freight was 3 days

Saturating Diving Services

Drexel managed Petroleum Marine Services (PMS) Barge 11 Saturation Diving Team for over 5 years in addition to PMS’s DSV-PMS Mayo’s Saturation Diving Team and ROV Contract for some time.