Onsite Engineering Services

Onsite Engineering Services

Hot Tapping & Pipe Freezing

-Hot Tapping up to 90”

-Line Stopping up to 96”

-On-Shore & Off-Shore

-Top Side or Subsea
Performed without process interruption

Online leak Sealing

The Uni Seal Split Sleeve Repair Clamp (SSRC) is an economical bolt together fitting which is designed to allow temporary and permanent repairs to damaged pipelines.

Process leaks, including fugitive emissions, are a major concern for all operating facilities, as they can result in wasteful and expensive releases, environmental issues and, in extreme cases, catastrophic incidents. Knowing how to engineer a robust solution to stop a leak in a timely manner so that your plant, process unit or equipment item can continue operating until its next planned maintenance event, presents a significant opportunity that can deliver substantial savings. We provide a full range of online leak sealing solutions, and can recommend the most suitable application for your specific needs. Our comprehensive approach covering emergency response, safety management, on-site assessments, engineering, fabrication and installation puts a stop to all leaks, whilst allowing you to operate as normal, and delivers significant savings in the process.


DREXEL is available 24/7 to stop your leak, usually within 72 hours and without impacting production with our comprehensive online leak sealing service.

After our emergency response teams quickly assess the situation, we design, fabricate and install the appropriate solution online to arrest the leak while you continue to operate normally until a convenient time in the future when you can either properly repair or replace the leaking item. Where practical to do so, we use Diamond wrapping to restore dented, gouged, corroded or eroded pipelines to their MAOP (Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure) and prevent them from shutting down.

On-Line Safety Valve Testing
-Online Valve Sealing
-Online Verifying Set Pressure
-Online Verifying Spring Rate
-Online Verifying Reseat Pressure
-Online Verifying Valve Displacement