Drexel mechanical services target is to improve operational efficiency by supplying products and services that provide leak-free connections. Joint integrity is the corner stone of safe and leak-free connections. Bolted joints are just as critical as welded connections. Also, small bore tubing connections has a part of our scope. Our extensive engineering services include:


Flange Integrity Management System (FIMS)

-Manual Torqueing

-Hydraulic – Torqueing

-Hydraulic Tensioning

-Flange Management Software

-Flange Facing


Uni Seal Repair Clamps

The Uni Seal Split Sleeve Repair Clamp (SSRC) is an economical bolt together fitting which is designed to allow temporary and permanent repairs to damaged pipelines.


Hot Tapping

-Hot Tapping up to 90”

-Line Stopping up to 96”

-On-Shore & Off-Shore

-Top Side or Subsea

Performed without process interruption


On-Line Safety Valve Testing

-Online Valve Sealing

-Online Verifying Set Pressure

-Online Verifying Spring Rate

-Online Verifying Reseat Pressure

-Online Verifying Valve Displacement