We are one of the few companies to specialize in Pipeline Services; our innovative & proven technologies are unparalleled.

We offer a comprehensive range of pipeline services and decontamination solutions for maintenance, turnarounds and new construction.



Pipeline Services is always on the lookout for innovative technologies and the latest products to achieve total customer satisfaction. We carry a wide range of state-of-the-art products and services for all of your rehabilitation needs.


Our Pipeline services include:


– PPL Hydrostatic Testing

– PPL Air / N2 Drying

– PPL Pigging

– PPL Dewatering

– PPL Dewaxing

– PPL Pig Supply

– PPL Cleaning

– PPL Gauging

– PPL Flooding

– Gel Pig Technologies




We provide our customers with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for process and pumping equipment. Drexel Egypt with its wide range of pumps, tanks & filters and competent staff has decades of experience in the pumping service supply and the pump selection based on the obtained application. Our equipment is capable to handle different types of fluids and cover wide range of pressures.

Our Pumping services:


– Temporary Water Injection system

– Hydrocarbon Transfer

– Disposal injection Services

– Pipeline flooding services