Keeping You Safe and protect your investment

Covering all sector from refining and petrochemical facilities to offshore drilling platforms, Drexel Safety provides all the top-quality equipment and gas detection instrumentation you need.

Our gas detection solutions include:

-Single-gas and multi-gas monitors

-Photo-Ionization Detectors (PIDs) and Flame-Ionization detectors (FIDs)

-Air sampling pumps and monitors

-Gas detection systems Fixed and wireless




                   Equipment Service, Repair and Testing

Drexel Safety team provide the required service for all the gas detection solutions, and we have manufactures training to facilitate the repair or maintenance of all major gas detection products. We also ensure that your equipment stays calibrated and inspected.

We offer:

-Trained and certified technicians

-Keep calibration record for our client

-Monthly or half-annual calibration

-On-site or services

-Design an integrated detection system portable, fixed and wireless

-Service agreements built around your needs


                   Find Your Gas Detection Equipment

Drexel can support you in choosing the right gas detection system for your business with the major brand for gas detection equipment in the market including

-Fixed or wireless gas detection system include main panel, sensors, alarm station

-Portable gas detector single-gas or multi-gas

-Plasma emission detector for gas chromatograph

-Calibration kit

-Air sampling pumps

-Confined space entry gas detection equipment