Guillotine Pipe Saw – Super C, Model D and Super D

The Wachs family of portable Guillotine pipe saws are designed to cold-cut 2″ through 24″ (50.8 mm – 610 mm) pipe of all materials, as well as solids such as bar stock and rails.

Their compact design and ease of setup provide fast, accurate cutting of pipe for contractors, water departments, gas companies and refineries, petrochemical and processing plants, and nuclear industry piping applications.


Easy Setup, vertical or horizontal

Installation time is approximately five minutes! Chain pipe vise clamps the Guillotine Saw to the pipe. The machined cast iron “V” – saddle base assures square cuts at right angles. It can be mounted on horizontal as well as vertical piping, in any position.


Quick cold cuts, minimal clearance 

The Guillotine Saws require minimal clearance (the model Super see needs as little as 2-1/2” on one side of the pipe). All models’ feature finger-tip feed control. The pipe is cold cut in a matter of minutes. A 6” standard wall steel pipe is cut in only six minutes. A 16” dia. 1/2” wall steel pipe is cut in about twenty minutes.


Portable, rugged design

The Guillotine Saws combine compact size and light weight with simple, rugs construction for ease of operation and low maintenance.


Long blade life

The high-speed steel blades are easily changed. The unique Guillotine cutting action lifts the blade from the cut on the return stroke, extending blade life.