• Heat shrinkable sleeves


Drexel has wide connections and cooperation with worldwide manufacturer and stock house to provide Heat shrinkable sleeves for pipe coating of weld joints for all pipe sizes.


Drexel –T80

Heat shrinkable wraparound sleeves for oil and gas pipelines girth weld protection.


Product description.

Drexel-T80 system provides excellent corrosion protection with low preheat temperature which saves time and money.

Drexel-T80 compatible with a mainline coating such as 3LPE, FBE.PP

Drexel-T80 supplied in bulk rolls to suit the different pipe sizes.

Drexel-T80 Roll size L 30 m, W 50 cm x Thickness 2.5 mm

Drexel-T80 is long term protection of 25 years for operating temperature up to 80 C.

Drexel-T80 can be used directly on a clean steel surface with or without primer.

Drexel-T80 recommended to be used for HDD sleeves with reinforced fiberglass.