Rig Control Products (RCP)


RCP have been involved with the support, service and supply of oilfield equipment for well over a decade now , RCP longest serving engineers have been involved with the industry for over 25 years and can claim to have designed and implemented some of the first successful electronic drilling systems still in use today. To this day RCP continue to supply innovative and advanced equipment.

  • ATEX and CE approved control equipment further enhance our portfolio, including choke control consoles, pump stroke counters and mud flow transmitters.
  • Differentiation from other similar companies is our ability to call upon in house expertise to resolve control and instrumentation requirements quickly and effectively, always in complete control.
  • Without doubt, RCP are highly regarded as control systems specialists for drilling equipment.




Anti Collision

Rig Control Products have an enviable track record in the design and supply of collision avoidance systems, RCP engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in systems used to intervene and manage dynamic equipment critical to safe drilling operations.

Travelling Block Monitor               

Collision Avoidance

Zone Management






BOP Control

RCP range of subsea and surface BOP and Diverter control panels offer all necessary in built safety adhering to all associated API regulations. Refineries and petrochemical plants.

BOP Controls                      

Diverter Controls




Well Control

RCP offer a range of bespoke solutions for well control equipment with the same build quality and design approach we give all API compliant systems(API16C compliant ).

Choke Control Console                       

Fine Scale Gauges

Probes & Sensors

Glycol Injection Unit






Control and Automation Systems

RCP control systems are designed to display highly accurate information derived from a wide range of sensor types and to control a range of different components.

Drilling Instrumentation                                              

Data Acquisition

Bulk Tank Monitoring

Cabin Pressurization

Pit Volume Totalizer

OP Controls







Brake Control


RCPs’ Eddy current brake control products utilise a range of PWM and SCR technologies to provide a responsive and highly reliable DC controller as used on many of the older generation of rigs.

Eddy current Brake Control                    

Disk Brake Control

Battery Charger

Brake Monitor

PWM Brake and Support



Electrical Equipment

Our equipment is used in many safety critical control and monitoring applications globally where they have been proven time and again.

Hazardous Area Equipment                  

Power Supplies

Light Signal Column






RCP offer a wide range of equipment and systems used to enhance marine operations. Our systems are designed with one purpose in mind, to enhance the safety of men and equipment operating in the harshest of marine environments.

Anchor Winch Monitoring & Control

Deck Motion Monitor

Helideck Monitoring System

Position Monitoring System

Virtual AIS (Automatic Identification System






(b) Vertex Downhole


Vertex Downhole tools are manufactured in North America to the highest quality standards using the best materials available.  Vertex strive to provide technologies to our customers to meet their needs in challenging environments from high-pressure to high temperature wells.  With international distribution, Vertex focus on providing the right technology and the right tools to help complete the job safely while exceeding performance expectations.


Products :



WINC (Wireless Inclination) is an unmanned survey tool that is both retrievable and reseatable. Approximately 12 feet in length, WINC has a inclination accuracy of ±0.10 up to 22.5°. It is supplied in a pre-loaded short drill collar in 4.75″, 6.5″, 8.0″, 9.0″, 9.5″. Extreme LCM tolerance of over 40 lbs/barrel it is a leader in the market.

It features integrated rubber fin centralizer and has an operating temperature of 0°-150°C or 32°-302°F, vibration random of 20 g RMS, 15-500 Hz, and shock 1000 g, 0.5 ms, half-sine. Rated to 20,000 psi, the Vertex WINC tool has an operating battery life expectancy of 1,000 hours per 40 days of use.

WINC+ (Wireless Inclination with Azimuth) has the ability to provide inclination, azimuth and tool face, so you can keep your hole straight and on target, avoiding costly doglegging and potential hole conditions as a result of not circulating while surveying.

The WINC+ tool is capable of surveying at any point by simply stopping the pumps and starting them. A survey is reported back to surface while you are drilling ahead, there is no need to wait for the survey to be pumped up; it’s done! WINC+ can get you back on target without having to slow down ROP and waiting for gravity to get your hole back to vertical.



With a maximum operating temperature of 175°C (347 °F), the Vertex MWD kit offers a rugged design built to withstand the most extreme drilling conditions.




With the Direct V, control of the DCT is fully automatic; electro mechanical, a closed loop system with a configurable .2° inclination accuracy threshold that allows the moveable stabilizers to expand and to redirect the path to vertical.


Our upgrade kit converts your tools to the Mudlink protocol.  This will upgrade your current data rate from less than 1 bit per second to Mudlinks 4 to 5 bits /second. This completely removes the limitations that exist for these older generation tools



The resistivity propagation tool consists of dual transmitter per receiver pair spacing’s and two measurement frequencies. It provides eight resistivity measurements, compensated for borehole and electrical errors, in all muds and drilling fluids whether they are oil based or salt saturated.

All downhole measurements are presentable in both real time and memory, as well as being fully customizable dependent upon specific well requirements. This includes, in conjunction with resistivity, MWD steering, gamma, still string pressure, borehole pressure, shock and vibration.

LogIT’s logging software includes resistivity, integrating these measurements to improve the geo-steering effectiveness and provide high quality tools for analyzing the downhole environment.



At vertex, it is our mission to bring value to our customers by providing a proven and reliable drilling motor. The Commander motor rental fleet sizes range from 3-3/4” to 8” in diameter. With continuous advancements to our motors over the past 11 years, we bring a premium design motor fleet to the industry.

The Commander motors were designed specifically to improve drilling ROP, steering capabilities, and increase reliability. The commander motors use the highest performance elastomers and materials; each motor is assembled to job specific parameters offering the best performance and greater reliability for longer runs and tough drilling conditions.