Drexel Oilfield Equipment is well structured and established company and has been always an active partner in the Petroleum industry in Egypt since 1996. Drexel have a reputable Logistics operation and excellent Supply history in the Oil & Gas sector with a remarkable record of full filling the needs of its partners from Lubricants and Chemicals with a wide product range as well as supplementary products to the mother and services companies as well as from a number of other suppliers.

We are major supplier for the following.
  • Mono Ethylene Glycol-MED (Origin: Saudi Arabia).
  • Methanol (Origin: Saudi Arabia).
  • Xylene (Origin: Singapore).
  • Heat Transfer Fluid (Origin: UK).
  • Castrol Offshore Control Fluids (Origin: UK).
  • Castrol SPD Lubricants (Origin: UK).

Looking forward to be of your service in the near future.

Drexel Oilfield Equipment-Egypt.

Some of our Clients.

  • Petrobel.
  • Burullus Gas Company.
  • Pharaonic Petroleum Company.
  • Bp.
  • Saipem.
  • Schlumberger.
  • Halliburton.
  • Subsea 7.
  • One Subsea.
  • Enermech.

We supply refineries and petrochemical plants with superior equipment and staff. As a result of this commitment, we can offer a complete range of services for both on and offshore purposes.

This includes the commissioning and maintaining of catalytic reactors, columns, and vessels; by one integrated team. Drexel Egypt and Contract Resources is committed to best practice operations, and as such is constantly developing new methods for both inert and nom-inert entries, as well as non-entry catalyst removal.

The Contract Resources name stands for quality and technical expertise with the company being ISO-9001 certified.

By utilizing a specially trained workforce and purpose-built equipment, Drexel / Contract Resources can execute catalyst projects efficiently and safely; with minimal delays from fusing, minimal catalyst attrition, and excellent dust control systems.

Pre-commissioning of reactors and vessels.
Services in inert and toxic atmospheres, plus hot and hostile environments.
Reactor cooling utilizing a proprietary liquid Nitrogen system.
Unloading and loading of catalyst under inert or normal atmospheres.
Dense Phase Loading systems for the transfer of catalyst directly from grade to.
Reactor man way, without the use of Cranes and Hoppers.
Innovative, purpose built-equipment ensuring low catalyst attrition rate
Catalyst sampling and particle measurement
Vacuum unloading with closed loop nitrogen re-circulation
Catalyst transportation, storage, and containment (UN approved)
Catalyst loading of reactors using UOP® dense loading and conventional techniques
Tubular Reformer loadings using Unidense® loading and conventional techniques
Pre-sulphiding (DMDS Injection)
Metals reclamation and disposal of materials
Video inspection and assessment
Shutdown planning, coordination and execution

DREXEL using the new technology and advanced equipment represents smart solutions in process services that is required during the pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup phases in the newly constructed Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Industrial plants or during shut down and turnaround schedules.

Our Process Services includes a wide range of services such as Air and Nitrogen Services, Catalyst Handling Services and Water Treatment.


The purpose of GLT is to test process equipment and piping systems grossly during pre-commissioning stage before Commissioning Leak Test (CLT) phase.

Advantages of GLT:

All huge leaks are located, repaired and leak testing report is produced.
Save time and Nitrogen.
Drying assurance before CLT to prevent the hydration.

After the hydrotest, piping facilities is bulk dewatered to prepare for drying. Dewatering is usually achieved by a high-pressure air stream to purge all water to disposal area or water tanks.

Air Drying should be done using oil free and dried air to at least the dryness level that the client requires for the final dryness levels of pipeline. With DREXEL air compressors and desiccant dryers, an air dryness level can be obtained down to -60°C dew point. The process of air drying can take days or weeks depending on the temperature and length of the piping loop.

We provide specialist hydro-testing, pneumatic leak testing and a range of other pre-commissioning services.

Our team of experts are well experienced when carrying out hydrostatic activities on a wide range of new built oil, gas, petrochemical and LNG projects.

DREXEL EGYPT is one of the leading companies for the provision of nitrogen helium testing. Our fleet includes nitrogen convertors, single skids, split skids, pumps, tanks, testing equipment, vaporizers and other ancillary equipment, is one of the newest and largest in the industry.

All equipment is certified for both onshore and offshore operations and with the significant investment we have made in technology we believe reliability is our real differentiator, reducing risk of breakdown during critical path operations. We supply latest technology handheld leak detection equipment which does not require A60 cabins (freeing up valuable deck space), reduces personnel requirements, improves safety and reduces cost and time without impacting on quality. Traditional mass-spectrometers can be also be supplied depending on requirements.

Our Nitrogen Services includes Nitrogen Purging, Nitrogen pressure test and Commissioning Leak Test that complements our other process services and multi-disciplined personnel to offer a complete Integrated Services offering and a Leak Free Guarantee.


DREXEL serves refineries, petrochemicals and many other industries by offering a comprehensive range of cleaning and decontamination solutions for maintenance, turnarounds and new constructions.

Our cleaning services include:

– Chemical Cleaning solutions,

– Air Blowing

– Steam Blowing,

– Hydro-Jetting (Heat Exchanger Cleaning)

– Retro-Jetting Techniques

– Tank cleaning

– Water Flushing

– Hot Oil Flushing

and more

Our team of specialist oil flushing technicians are trained, not just on the specific flushing equipment, but also in the philosophy of flushing. This comprehensive understanding allows us to deliver fast, effective and efficient oil flushing services which include; hydraulic oil flushing, high volume water flushing, lube oil flushing, demineralized water flushing and pressure testing.


We are one of the few companies to specialize in Pipeline Services; our innovative & proven technologies are unparalleled.

We offer a comprehensive range of pipeline services and decontamination solutions for maintenance, turnarounds and new construction.

Pipeline Services is always on the lookout for innovative technologies and the latest products to achieve total customer satisfaction. We carry a wide range of state-of-the-art products and services for all of your rehabilitation needs.

Our Pipeline services include:

– PPL Hydrostatic Testing

– PPL Air / N2 Drying

– PPL Pigging

– PPL Dewatering

– PPL Dewaxing

– PPL Pig Supply

– PPL Cleaning

– PPL Gauging

– PPL Flooding

– Gel Pig Technologies

We provide our customers with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for process and pumping equipment. Drexel Egypt with its wide range of pumps, tanks & filters and competent staff has decades of experience in the pumping service supply and the pump selection based on the obtained application. Our equipment is capable to handle different types of fluids and cover wide range of pressures.

Our Pumping services:

– Temporary Water Injection system

– Hydrocarbon Transfer

– Disposal injection Services

– Pipeline flooding services

Drexel mechanical services target is to improve operational efficiency by supplying products and services that provide leak-free connections. Joint integrity is the corner stone of safe and leak-free connections. Bolted joints are just as critical as welded connections. Also, small bore tubing connections has a part of our scope. Our extensive engineering services include:

Flange Integrity Management System (FIMS)

-Manual Torqueing

-Hydraulic – Torqueing

-Hydraulic Tensioning

-Flange Management Software

-Flange Facing

Uni Seal Repair Clamps

The Uni Seal Split Sleeve Repair Clamp (SSRC) is an economical bolt together fitting which is designed to allow temporary and permanent repairs to damaged pipelines.

Hot Tapping

-Hot Tapping up to 90”

-Line Stopping up to 96”

-On-Shore & Off-Shore

-Top Side or Subsea

Performed without process interruption

On-Line Safety Valve Testing

-Online Valve Sealing

-Online Verifying Set Pressure

-Online Verifying Spring Rate

-Online Verifying Reseat Pressure

-Online Verifying Valve Displacement

DREXEL provides Water Treatment Services as a leading independent Egyptian water treatment and environmental services company providing expert advice and engineering support solutions including installation and O&M across our specialist disciplines of water and wastewater.

RO Desalination Plants
Filtration Systems
Waste Water Treatment Plants