Is used regularly in the oil and gas industry to prevent the formation of hydrates and resulting blockages in pipelines and equipment. ... The MEG is injected on the platform and processed onshore to recover a MEG concentration suitable for recycling back into the pipeline.

Corrosion inhibitor in oil gas industry. Formation of corrosion inhibitor film to protect the steel pipe wall. Corrosion inhibitors are chemicals that can significantly reduce the corrosion of metals when applied properly into the fluids.

Our product range has been developed to meet the unique challenges of the exploration and production industry. We offer high-performance and bio lubricants to help you drive operational efficiency and comply with environmental legislation.
Understanding your unique operating conditions and environmental requirements, we will select the most appropriate products for the equipment defined by an asset design, following OEM recommendations. We can coordinate the technical lubrication performance data regardless of operating location.
Through our well-established global supply chain and local distributor network we can make sure our products are stocked and delivered according to the agreed lubrication and maintenance schedules wherever you operate.

Talk to our Liquid Engineers about:
  • Global capability to service your rigs
  • Advanced lubricant technology for operational efficiency and equipment life extension
  • Castrol Bio lubricants range
  • Our experience in Oil & Gas industry and case studies
  • Expert field services
  • How we manage supply in remote locations
  • Relationships with OEMs
  • Participation in professional associations
  • Participation in Oil & Gas conferences and other industry events


Our focus on system reliability drives us to improve and develop new aqueous and synthetic subsea control fluids and other products to meet challenges caused by:

  • deep water, pre-salt and Arctic developments
  • higher operating temperatures and pressure
  • choices between open- and closed-loop system designs
  • choices between aqueous and synthetic products in the system
  • tightening global environmental legislation
  • new technology for subsea processing and other factors

Since launching our subsea control fluids in the early 1980s we have developed strong relationships across the subsea production industry – from operating companies and major engineering contractors to system and component manufacturers. Castrol subsea control fluids operate in over 260 subsea developments in more than 20 countries around the world, with a customer base that includes almost every subsea operator.
We develop, test and analyse how our products and clients’ subsea equipment work together under stringent field conditions, and support every stage of a project, from fluid choice and installation to used fluid analysis, providing regular qualitative performance feedback. Our supply network can deliver wherever our products are needed.

We are happy to discuss product quality, cleanliness and consistency of product formulation, and you can talk to our Technology and Technical experts about:

  • Implementing systems that help increase operational availability
  • Eliminating known failure modes
  • Reducing complexity
  • Improving interface reliability
  • Reducing the probability and the consequences of a failure mode
  • Enabling inspection and monitoring
  • Removing introduced defects before installation
  • Incorporating fault and damage tolerance

Thermo Plastics valve solutions for oil and gas and chemical industry (SAFI)
Drexel has wide connections and cooperation with worldwide manufacturer and stock
House to provide Chemical resistance valves. Ball, Diaphragm and butterfly valves
Size range from 2’’ to 24’’flanged types.

Pipes and Fitting
Drexel has wide connections and cooperation with worldwide manufacturer and stock house to provide all kind of pipes, fitting, flanges, elbows as well as casing. We can supply all grades of materials such as LERW, LSAW, seamless, from SCH-X20 to SCH-X80 our products are covering also stainless steel sheets pipes and fitting

Offshore joint infill Materials PUE
Drexel has wide connections and cooperation with worldwide manufacturer and stock
house to provide infill materials Fast curing for offshore pipe concrete coating of weld
joints for all pipe sizes.

Heat shrinkable sleeves

Drexel has wide connections and cooperation with worldwide manufacturer and stock house to provide Heat shrinkable sleeves for pipe coating of weld joints for all pipe sizes.

Drexel –T80 Heat shrinkable wraparound sleeves for oil and gas pipelines girth weld protection.

Product description.
Drexel-T80 system provide excelent corrosion protection with low preheat temprature which save time and money.
Drexel-T80 compatible with main line coating such as 3LPE, FBE.PP
Drexel-T80 supplied in bulk rolls to suit the defferent pipe sizes.
Drexel-T80 Roll size L 30 m , W 50 cm x Thickness 2.5 mm
Drexel-T80 is long term protection of 25 years for operating temprature up to 80 C.
Drexel-T80 can be used directly on clean steel surface with or without primer.
Drexel-T80 recommended to be used for HDD sleeves wit reinforced fiber glass.

Guillotine Pipe Saw – Super C, Model D and Super D
The Wachs family of portable Guillotine pipe saws are designed to cold-cut 2" through 24" (50.8 mm - 610 mm) pipe of all materials, as well as solids such as bar stock and rails.
Their compact design and ease of setup provide fast, accurate cutting of pipe for contractors, water departments, gas companies and refineries, petrochemical and processing plants, and nuclear industry piping applications.

Easy Setup, vertical or horizontal
Installation time is approximately five minutes! Chain pipe vise clamps the Guillotine Saw to the pipe. The machined cast iron “V” - saddle base assures square cuts at right angles. It can be mounted on horizontal as well as vertical piping, in any position.

Quick cold cuts, minimal clearance
The Guillotine Saws require minimal clearance (the model Super see needs as little as 2-1/2” on one side of the pipe). All models’ feature finger-tip feed control. The pipe is cold cut in a matter of minutes. A 6” standard wall steel pipe is cut in only six minutes. A 16” dia. 1/2” wall steel pipe is cut in about twenty minutes.

Portable, rugged design
The Guillotine Saws combine compact size and light weight with simple, rugs construction for ease of operation and low maintenance.

Long blade life
The high-speed steel blades are easily changed. The unique Guillotine cutting action lifts the blade from the cut on the return stroke, extending blade life.